Axoft boasts rich IT expertise and offers the best solutions from 1,500+ international IT vendors. Our team operates in line with international best practices in business and IT, focusing on information security, IT infrastructure and cloud technology as its key lines of business. We have deep experience in promoting all kinds of IT solutions (software, hardware, and subscriptions) that both meet the needs of large corporations, SMBs, and government agencies, and also leverage our strategic partnerships with leading global technology vendors.
The company provides logistics and financing services as part of IT distribution and builds up a responsible and compliant business. Axoft is a center of technical, marketing and sales expertise. As part of IT projects, we also offer managed services to partners, including IT system auditing implementation, and maintenance. The Axoft team is committed to developing and improving the IT market by establishing IT communities dedicated to business, industry, and IT marketing specifics.
Our team will:
Help in identification of the IT risks
Make a presentation/demo of the solutions for your employers or for your customers
Assist you in selecting IT solutions and the best licensing models, as well as preparing specifications
Help to implement IT solutions and services. Our background is 220+ completed technical projects and 100 technical certificates
Realize marketing initiatives joint with resellers for leads generation, development and loyalty level increasing
Invest into business growth by providing the following kinds of support: Product, Technical, Financial, Marketing
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